Navigating Leaders Through the Maze of Educational Change & Reform

Core Learning was founded on the basis that quality education is a basic human right. Founder, John W. Jordan, believes that all students should be offered the greatest learning opportunities possible, and that's why Core Learning bases its success on objective standards. This transparent approach demonstrates our unyielding urge to strive towards equality. Student learning is at the heart of everything that we do--a hope for a better future for our children. That's our focus, and we won't stop until we've seen a difference.


Job Embedded Support & Professional Learning
Instructional Leadership Development & Support
Classroom Support for Standards-based Instruction
Early Literacy Program Development

All teachers confront great challenges each year, including changes in subject content, advances in technology, changes in state assessments, and student learning needs. Effective professional development allows teachers to improve their skills and improve student learning. CORE Learning, LLC recognizes that education is the "CORE" of the community, and successful schools change futures. Core Learning, LLC connects your school with a team of experienced content coaches. Our consultants collaborate with the school administration and teachers to develop an instructional plan together, based on the individual and creative challenges in each unique learning environment. Core Learning believes that teachers are the key to student learning, so we work with teachers to facilitate student-centered, data-driven, standards-based learning.

With our collective expertise and dedication to team work and collaboration, we guarantee the effectiveness of CORE Learning's instructional and leadership services, and we have the experience to prove it. 39% of our consultants have terminal degrees in education, with 90% having Masters degrees or higher.